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Eventi in programma

  • Egyption Open 2023
    Wed, 01 Mar
    01 Mar, 19:00
    We are pleased to inform you that the Egyptian Open Tournament will be held next March 2023 in Cairo. Last year, the tournament witnessed the attendance of 15 Teams with more than 300 players from 6 different countries. This year, EUPA is targeting around 24 teams from all over the world.
  • WFDF World University Ultimate Trophy Announcement and invitation 4-8 July, 2023 – Debrecen (HUN)
    04 Jul, 09:00 – 08 Jul, 18:00
    University of Debrecen, Hungary, Debrecen, Egyetem tér 1, 4032 Ungheria
    WFDF World University Ultimate Trophy, 4-8 July, 2023 – Debrecen (HUN). EUSA eligibility rules will apply allowing athletes aged 17-30 years participating in the event.
Events: Eventi in programma
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