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Malta Sport For All (MSFA) is an multi-sport organization based in Birkirkara. The Organization is autonomous, independent and based on the principle of volunteering. It excludes any promotion of private interests and is not established for the scope of profit. Organization is an apolitical and non-confessional association which aim is to promote, to organise, to regulate and to spread of Sports among all people, all disabilities. Its structure is based on egalitarian criteria, aimed at guarantying the right to take part in the sport practise to all its members, in condition to equality.

The organization aims to:

  1. Promote and regulate the sports developed by the organization;

  2. Be in charge of the elite sports, technical and organisational preparation of the national teams, whenever they join the Paralympics or Olympic Games or other international competitions;

  3. Convene, organise, and patronise sport competitions related to any sport, and at any level, either regional, national or international;

  4. Pursue the following objectives: enrolment of new athletes, wide disclosure of the federal sport message, and organisation of youth sport events or other events in which sport can be elevated as direct means of integration and socialisation for people affected by any kind of disability;

  5. Promote studies and researches in the sport sector and the related fields, from the medical, social, economic and juridical perspective, even by the institutions of special Commissions;

  6. Organise, coordinate and participating in socio-medical sport events and activities;

  7. Promote the relations and the information flow between the Organization and all the associations, federations or groups of people that, in Malta or abroad, pursue analogous objectives;

  8. Study technical issues related to the execution at a practical level of the sports addressed to all athletes, specifically on people with any kind of disability;

  9. Promote cultural and collaborative relations between doctors, sociologists, psychologists, and any others who might be interested in the aims and purposes of the Organization;

  10. Collaborate with educational institutions and universities with the aim of promoting and spreading the sporting practice;

  11. Support formative activities through different initiatives, even in collaboration with other Olympic and Paralympic Sports Federations and other designated institutions/public authorities;

  12. Contribute to the adoption of anti-doping measures, either preventative or repressive, and of healthcare safeguarding measures of the athletes;

  13. Directly follow to following the WADA Code and any other WADA policies on anti-doping adopting them as a part of the rules;

  14. Look after the members of the teams in preparation for the national and international championships

  15. Publicly represent the sport’s interests;

  16. Collaborate with the national and international sports federations;

  17. Support the exiting teams and the ones in formation.

Who we are: Chi siamo
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